Chambres d'hôtes, BnB

To make a living out of art is not easy. Even after 20 years of doing so it is  often unpredictable what the future will bring. To live in the southwest of France (in between Toulouse - Bordeaux) doesn't make it easier!? Is it the climate that makes people more needless for art? Is it because nature is our greatest piece of art and well presented overhere?  Whatever the reason is,  to stay focused is important. To keep energy flowing and the spirit alive is necessary. 


I, David Vanorbeek have sold sculptures  to quite important compagnies, hotels (for ex. éco-hôtel, spa 4* La Grée des Landes, Yves Rocher) and restaurants. I have sold works to cities for their "parcours des sculptures" (for ex. Port Barcarès, Font Romeu, Châteaubourg), to private art-collectors and (land)architects.  Many "ordinary" households have smaller works of me (us) in their collection,  so wherever it may be,  our work has always found a perfect location to be presented.


Whatever the size or the subjet my (our) work is about (figurative, abstract, monumental or textile), I always have the feeling the art goes to the perfect person. The owner will naturally put his or her new piece of art in the value it deserves by choosing the perfect spot for it. 


Since a few years Natalie and I live at Château de Lagravade. This 150 year old small castle is the ideal setting to show all of our works. Not only is there the park of nearly 2ha for more monumental sculptures, indoors we find the place and the space for smaller work, sculptures and textile or metal wallhangings. 


To get our work seen by a larger public we open our doors a few times a year. Les journées Européennes du patrimoine (open monuments day), les journées Européennes des métier d'art, les rendez-vous aux jardins organised by the ministry of culture and communication and during personal and organised exhibitions. 



At Château de Lagravade we run (part of the year) a bed and breakfast. That way we can pay the cost for location and maintenance, but the main reason we do this project is to attract new visitors to our art. People from all over the world come and spend their holidays or their business travelling in an original setting. Sleep with art we could call it. 



So, our main activity is art. Natalie being a Textile artist and David a metal working sculptor. As I wrote not always the most easy or guaranteed way of living, but at least we have the feeling that we are living what feels best for us. 


Another part of our lifestyle is being vegan.

We came across this peaceful movement some years ago and are very happy with the new path we are following. We are convinced that our society as a whole should be more compassionate and respectful towards other living beings and our environment and to do our contribution to this we are pleased to offer you a healthy, well-balanced plant-based breakfast.

If you are not so familiar with this, here is your chance to discover some new things even we can send you home with new recepies.



We serve a healthy and hearty breakfast of good nutritional quality. Home made bread or cake, fruit salad and freshly pressed juice, self-made jam,, all sorts of tea,  vegetable milks,... 

On demand we offer with pleasure a gluten free breakfast.

Our breakfast is 100% plant-based (vegan) and organic.


 People speak  about Natalies breakfast !!!


To know more about our vegan bnb, please visit the link.